Apple-Rolled Pork Cutlet


– 1/2 lb pork (leg portion) sliced
– 1 x apple
– Salt to taste
– Freshly-ground black pepper to taste
– 1 bn green vegetable (saradana) for garnish
– 4 x cherry tomatoes (yellow or red)
– Oil for deep-frying

– All-purpose flour
– 1 x beaten egg
– Dry fine breadcrumbs

Cocktail Sauce:
– 4 tbs catsup
– 2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
– 1 tsp mustard


– Peel apple and cut lengthwise into 12 slices. Remove core.
– Place pork slices flat on cutting board. Salt and pepper them. Place piece of apple on each slice and roll up. Make 12 rolls.
– Coat rolls with flour, then beaten egg, then breadcrumbs. Heat oil to 360 degrees and deep-fry.
– Arrange saradana on serving plate and place pork rolls on top. Mix cocktail sauce ingredients. Serve with cherry tomatoes and the cocktail sauce.

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